About Us

Infin8 Care is an Australian residential aged care provider.

We have been an Aged Care Provider for over 25 years. The Bonney Healthcare Group was a well-established aged care provider in Adelaide.  In late 2014 the group was acquired by Infin8 Care as part of its strategic vision to become an Australian best of breed aged care provider and employer of choice in the aged care sector. The group still operates in the Adelaide region under the Bonney Healthcare brand.  We have new greenfield facilities opening in Queensland in 2017.

Deciding on the right residential care service can be a stressful decision for all in the family.  We understand the emotional and complex decision process that residential aged care poses for families and we are here to help take some of that stress away.  We can empathise and importantly help you feel comfortable in the choices you are making for yourself or a loved one.  We also understand that it’s going to be your home and we can tailor the experience so you do feel right at home.

During 2016 all Adelaide facilities have undergone significant refurbishment. We now offer a highly personalised level of service, along with a wider range of new additional services in development for our residents in 2017.

We may have become more corporate, but our culture is still `family’.

You matter to us.  Your family matter to us.  Your life choices matter to us. We care about YOU!

Infinite Care: Redefining a new generation of residential aged care.

The Infin8 Care resident-centric approach means that residents and families are able to provide feedback and, at times, provide direct input into the development and planning of future services, along with the continued improvement within the organisation.  This input can occur through various forums available at various facilities:

  • Quality Assurance and WHS meetings
  • Resident/Relative Meetings
  • Menu Committee Meetings
  • Family Case Conferences
  • Care planning
  • Praise/Complaint/Suggestion System

This unique resident-centred approach, and continued improvement initiatives that exist, will continue to enable Infin8 to be recognised as a leader in holistic, innovative and responsive aged care services.

Both residents and relatives are directly involved in all aspects of care needs, enhancing the residents’ independence, choice and decision making and ultimately resulting in an improvement to their quality of life.

Our people matter and are an integral part of Infin8’s ability to deliver and be committed to best in breed care and service provision.  We are continually refining our clinical systems, training and are investing heavily in IT that enable our teams to provide the very best care. We aim and will continue to work toward being an employer of choice in the aged care sector.  The commitment and ongoing development of the skills within our team are critical in ensuring you get the best care and you love those that work in your home.  Teamwork and the very best interpersonal communication are essential.

Key team members are assigned portfolios of care, creating areas of expertise that result in the optimum level of care being provided. We regularly contact external health professionals to provide additional expert training and up-skilling in areas, as per the Aged Care Standards, such as:

  • Clinical Care
  • Specialised Nursing Care Needs
  • Medication Management
  • Pain Management
  • Palliative Care
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Skin Care
  • Continence Management
  • Behaviour Management
  • Mobility, Dexterity & Rehabilitation
  • Oral and Dental Care
  • Sensory Loss
  • Sleep

These initiatives have resulted in improved care to residents, greater staff satisfaction and a reduction in staff turnover – ensuring consistency of care provided.



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