Connecting through community

In our experience feeling part of a community is what makes us tick as humans.

Staying connected to our community is more important than ever as we age. Our worlds grow smaller once we stop working, when the kids move out of home and we are less mobile.

Spaces for sharing

In our homes we have spaces that are deliberately designed to welcome the community in. All are welcome. Whether it be to our cafes or hair and beauty salons, our theatre, our gardens and kids’ playgrounds, our bowling greens and BBQ areas – all are put in place to evoke a sense of community and encourage gatherings with family and friends.

Everyone is welcome

We want your home to feel as homely as it possibly can. Family and friends are always welcome to come, and to stay as long as they like. We like to think of ourselves as a bit like a second family.

We love our volunteers

We also know that it takes a village to support our residents in every way they need. Sometimes all they need it someone to sit and talk to, and that’s where our volunteers bring so much to our home communities.

Often family members, or friends with some spare time on their hands, our volunteer program – we like to call it the ‘Infinite Village’ – is open to anyone who has some extra time, love and TLC to give. We find our volunteers bring so much value and laughter to our communities, and that they get as much out of it as we do.



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