Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAD?

RAD stands for a Refundable Accommodation Deposit. A RAD works like an interest-free loan to an aged care home and is a good option if you need to pay for the full cost of your accommodation and make your payment as a lump sum.

The balance of the deposit is refunded (to you or your estate) when you leave the aged care home, less any amounts agreed to be taken out. Any deductions, such as extra services or care fees, must first have been agreed with you in writing and listed in the resident or accommodation agreement.

RADs are not included in Centrelink or DVA Pension Assets Tests. Daily Payments calculated on the total Accommodation Payment are payable from the date of entry on any part of the Accommodation Payment that has not been paid as a RAD.

What is DAP?

DAP stands for Daily Accommodation Payment. The DAP is interest payable, at a rate set by the Australian Federal Government, on the balance of any unpaid Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) amount. If you choose to pay for your accommodation using DAP you may choose to pay part or all of the balance of your Refundable Accommodation Deposit as a lump sum at any future time.

Daily Accommodation Payments unless you have paid in advance, are not refundable if you leave the aged care home.

We recommend you speak with your financial advisors as to whether it is best to pay for your accommodation by RAD, DAP or a combination of the two.

How can I work out how much my care will cost me?

Our admissions team are always happy to help you work out your best option when it comes to affording your accommodation and care. We also offer an online calculator to help figure out what your daily fee will be.

The website for My Aged Care helps explain the breakdown of costs associated with aged care.

What are ‘additional’ or ‘extra’ services’?

Our additional services are extra options offered to residents at a fee. These include private consultations with our allied health providers (Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist), group exercise classes (yoga, tai chi, meditation etc), wax hand therapy, hire of iPads, access to smart TV with Netflix and more.

What is the Charter of Aged Care Rights?

On 1 of July 2019 the Australian Government introduced a new and simpler Charter of Aged Care Rights (the Charter). The Charter is designed to make it easier for older people receiving aged care services, their families and carers to understand what they can expect from an aged care service provider. The Charter places the consumer at the centre of their care by giving them choice and recognising their right to be treated with respect. It acknowledges that identity, culture and diversity are to be valued and supported. These changes also support aged care service providers in delivering care to consumers and provides protection for the aged care workforce. For more information please click here

Can I bring items from home?

Definitely. We encourage you to make your room your own and we love you bringing in anything that will make you feel more at home including photos, trinkets and ornaments, blankets, linen and small items of furniture.

How can I keep in touch with my family and friends?

We have several ways you can keep in touch with your loved ones. Most rooms have their own phone, but we also offer iPads with Skype or FaceTime so you can see and speak to your loved ones on the screen.

We also have an online messaging system so your loved ones can send you a message and/or photos that are then printed by staff and brought to you to read and enjoy. Just like an email.

What types of rooms do you have?

We offer single rooms and companion rooms. Several rooms have ensuites and many have views of our landscaped courtyards and gardens.

We are passionate about keeping couples together as they enter aged care and our companion rooms are ideal for this purpose when they become available.

Can I bring my pet?

We are animal lovers and we love meeting your pets. We always welcome pets in our homes, however due to hygiene issues we are unfortunately unable to house them on site on a permanent basis.

Several of our facilities do have animals on-site including pet rabbits, chickens, and birds! These are housed outside in the gardens for our residents to visit and enjoy.

What lifestyle and wellbeing activities do you offer?

Our dedicated teams organise a range of fun activities each month to enhance your wellbeing. The jam packed calendars are released towards the end of the month before and are visible in many locations so you are assured of not missing out. There is something fun happening every day in our homes, and the activities are carefully chosen to suit all tastes and interests. Outings can include restaurant lunches, visits to the beach, and taxi rides to mystery locations to get out and about.

We regularly have entertainers attend our facilities including magicians, dancers and singers. Some of our facilities have local primary school students attend to help with activities or simply read to the residents. This is such a highlight for everyone involved.

Our regular in-home activities include bingo, balloon tennis, indoor bowls and golf, jeopardy, themed dancing, crafts, karaoke, quoits, visits from Bunnings and so much more. If there is something you enjoy doing that isn’t on our calendar, we will do our best to add it and can cater to individual needs and requirements. Our calendar is constantly evolving – there is never a dull moment to ensure you are having fun and living meaningful and purposeful days in this new chapter of your life.

What if I have food allergies or intolerances?

We cater to all allergies and carefully customise our menu to provide a balanced diet to suit all tastes and intolerances.

Do you have nurses on your team?

We have registered nurses on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What about my laundry?

We launder all linen and residents personal clothing on site and have a dedicated team of housekeeping staff who take pride in making sure you and your home are always presented in the best way possible.

Do you have specific visiting hours?

We welcome and encourage your family and friends to visit whenever they can. Even if it is late at night. We have staff on hand 24 hours a day.

You are welcome to have visitors in your room or we have many comfortable and welcoming indoor and outdoor areas for you to sit and visit with them.

Please ensure you check with the facility for any current visitation restrictions, prior to attending, in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Do you have a hairdresser on site?

Yes. We offer hairdressing and beauty services at each facility.

How can I get my medications?

We have an ongoing Pharmacy service that can deliver your medications and prescriptions directly to you at the facility.

Do you offer church services?

We are all inclusive and supportive of any belief system. At each facility we hold weekly and monthly church meetings for a variety of denominations.

Can I leave the facility whenever I want to?

Of course. Providing you see a staff member to let them know where you are going we encourage you to move around as freely as you would if you were living at your own home.