Infinite Care recognises and appreciates the vital role volunteers play in enhancing the quality of life for residents. Volunteers work alongside staff in a variety of activities for residents and play a vital role in the Infinite extended family.

We understand that your interests, preferences and abilities haven’t changed just because you are entering residential aged care.  It is normal to be sometimes confronted with feelings of loss and grief, loneliness, depression, isolation and difficulty in transitioning to residential care. Our wonderful volunteers can provide one on one support, by listening, reminiscing, offering friendship and laughter, and giving residents a sense of belonging and community.

At Infinite Care we do our best to meet the emotional needs and have empathy for the change in your life that is occurring during  our residents transition into residential aged care.  Our volunteers are so important in delivering such valuable services to support our residents during the transition and on an ongoing basis.

Our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes…including the four legged variety. We have the Canine Club; Family pets that visit; Community Volunteer Groups; Relatives; High School Students; University Students; Retirees; Employed, Underemployed and Unemployed persons; Grandchildren; Mums; Dads; Husbands and Wives!

Volunteer Activities

  • Hand massage
  • Assistance with group activities, including: Crosswords, Quizzes, Knitting, Beer making, exercise groups, indoor bowls, bingo, darts, bridge club.
  • One-to-one visits
  • Outings
  • Reading
  • Assistance with fetes
  • Gardening
  • Writing letters etc.
  • Mobile shopping trolley
  • Craft
  • Music – piano

The above activities are just some examples of ways that volunteers can assist. We welcome new ideas and talents, in order to optimise the quality of life for residents. If you have any time free each week and would like the opportunity to make a difference to others and feel a sense of community, then please get in touch with your nearest site. We are looking forward to meeting you…and remember:

Volunteers make a difference!



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