South East Queensland Aged Care Facilities

In the vibrant region of South East Queensland, our residential aged care facilities stand as beacons of comfort and support. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the sunshine state, our facilities offer a warm and inviting atmosphere for residents. From peaceful surroundings on the Gold Coast to spectacular hillside views, we offer spaces that allow residents to enjoy these surroundings from the comfort of their bedroom. Our dedicated staff in South East Queensland are committed to creating a nurturing environment where residents can age with dignity and grace. From state-of-the-art medical facilities to engaging social activities, we prioritise the well-being of all our Queensland residents.

Infinite Care Ashmore Retreat, Ashmore QLD

Ashmore QLD

Infinite Care Ashmore is a 152- bed home situated in peaceful suburban surroundings on the sunny Gold Coast. This two-level residence includes the added feature of nostalgic ‘Juliet balconies’ from which to enjoy the dramatic manicured gardens from the comfort of the bedrooms.

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Infinite Care Mandalay Retreat, Cleveland QLD

Cleveland QLD

Infinite Care Cleveland is a 109- bed home situated in the exclusive Bayside suburb of Cleveland. This convenient and peaceful harbourside location affords residents pleasant bay breezes and direct access to public transport to allow them the independence to move around the community at their leisure.

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Cornubia QLD

Infinite Care Cornubia is a 133-bed aged care facility located near Carbrook and Mount Cotton in South East Queensland. Architecturally designed, this state of the art facility sits in an elevated and prominent position and enjoys spectacular views of surrounding hillside, offering residents the spoils of open green space.

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Ipswich QLD

Infinite Care Ipswich is located in the heart of Ipswich city centre. This seven level premium residential offering provides unique elevated living for 96 permanent and respite residents. With elevated views to the north and south of the region each residential level includes comfortable sitting and dining areas, for residents to enjoy a cosy feeling of home.

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Mount Lofty QLD

Infinite Care Mount Lofty is a 134-bed care facility located in Toowoomba, QLD. Architecturally designed around its elevated position, this state of the art facility takes full advantage of spectacular natural views afforded by the stunning Mount Lofty Ranges surrounding the site.

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Whether you’re enjoying the company of fellow residents or participating in our range of activities, our South East Queensland facilities provide a vibrant and caring community for seniors to call home. Discover the essence of our South East Queensland residential aged care facilities designed to meet the unique requirements of your health, lifestyle and needs.

Queensland’s Commitment to Care

South East Queensland demonstrates a steadfast commitment to delivering excellent residential aged care services. Recent data highlights the region’s recent investments in creating supportive environments for seniors. In 2022 over 36,550 people aged 65 and over entered permanent residential care, providing several opportunities for facilities like ours to cater for their needs. Our facilities in South East Queensland consistently exhibit high standards of care, addressing the diverse needs of an ageing population. Queensland’s commitment to excellence extends beyond healthcare, encompassing the creation of vibrant communities where seniors can thrive socially and emotionally. Our facilities in Ashmore, Cleveland, Cornubia, Ipswich and Toowoomba all contribute to the wellbeing, lifestyles and communities of seniors in these regions. Given the active lifestyle and warm subtropical climate of Queensland, our programs and facilities have an emphasis on outdoor spaces and activities that enhance the beautiful scenery and community of the area!

For more information on residential aged care statistics visit the Australian Government’s Aged Care Data.

Features of our Aged Care in Queensland

Cosy Living Areas

Our top priorities are the safety and comfort of our residents, and our facilities include well-designed spaces that are cosy and comfortable. Each room has been designed to offer privacy and customisation so that occupants can furnish their spaces to make rooms feel like home.

Expert Healthcare

Our dedication to people’ health and welfare goes beyond offering top-notch medical care. We have committed medical staff on hand to handle medical emergencies quickly and effectively. The complete care residents get includes regular health evaluations, medication management, and access to allied health services.

Sense of Community

Our Queensland aged care facilities are renowned for having a vibrant feeling of community. We know how important social relationships are to leading happy lives, that’s why we offer several opportunities to create connections through common events, activities, and areas.

Fun Activities

Our weeks feature an array of activities tailored to meet your physical and emotional requirements, such as exercise, art therapy, crafts, woodworking, movie evenings with a theme, dress-up days, musicians, pet therapy, and visits from neighbourhood playgroups and schools.

Are Our Aged Care Facilities in SEQ Right For You?

Determining whether a residential aged care facility is the right fit for you involves a thoughtful consideration of various factors.

Assess the facility’s atmosphere and environment to ensure it aligns with your personal preferences and comfort.
Consider the range of services offered, ensuring they meet your specific needs, from healthcare provisions to recreational activities.
Take time to engage with current residents and gauge the sense of community within the facility, as social connections can significantly impact your well-being.
It’s also important to consider the location and proximity to family and friends, as maintaining connections is crucial.

Thoroughly evaluating these aspects will empower you to make an informed decision about whether a residential aged care facility is the right fit for your unique needs and lifestyle. Alternatively you can contact us today to find out more!