COVID-19 Information

Infinite Care’s Response to COVID-19

At this time of global uncertainty it is important to give assurance that, as an organisation, we are taking every precaution necessary to protect our vulnerable residents from the threat of infection. In order to do this we  put additional visitation restrictions in place as of 5pm Friday 27 March.

These additional measures include temporarily monitoring and having restricted resident visitor access to all our homes.

Please click here to read our latest communication around these new visitor restrictions

Current Infinite Care protocols for visitors

  1. All non-essential visits are temporarily ceased. Any visits are to be discussed and controlled to enable us to manage risk on an ongoing basis
  2. Any essential visits are to be discussed and organised with Facility Managers on a case by case basis
  3. On site access still available for Contractors and Health Professionals required to deliver essential services
  4. Only one entry point for essential visitors and suppliers. This entry point to be manned by a staff member to ensure correct entry procedures are followed by every essential visitor to the facility.
  5. All essential visitors required to complete a Visitor Screening Questionnaire and have their temperatures taken. Any temperatures over 37.5 degrees will have additional conditions placed, including enforced restriction of access to the facility, or enforced use of personal protective equipment (PPE) where entry is absolutely necessary ie. family of palliative residents.
  6. New admissions continue to be accepted for those who are in need of the vital care and services we can provide.

Through the use of technology we are encouraging ongoing family and friend contact via phone, video calls and email to ensure you can stay closely connected to residents. Our online messaging system ‘Message Your Loved One’ is another option that can be utilised at any time.

We also encourage everyone to consider getting a flu vaccination. The Government has issued a directive that any individual that has not been vaccinated by 1 May 2020 will not be able to visit an aged care facility after that date. We will continue to monitor changes in this unprecedented situation and provide updates on the re-opening of homes to visitors.


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