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With the guidance and support of my Physiotherapist, and the many staff at Mt Lofty, a plan was developed to increase my muscle strength, improve my balance and co-ordination and exercise tolerance. Although I may have had to ‘put in the hard yards’, I could not have achieved the improvement in my muscle strength, balance and co-ordination without access to the many facilities, programs and the holistic support of the Infinite Care team of Mt Lofty.
David, residentMt Lofty
“From the very first phone call regarding respite with Infin8 Care Edmonton Gardens to present day with our mum being a permanent resident the process was made a lot easier with the reassurance that she would be looked after.

If it weren’t for all the wonderful staff at Edmonton Gardens the first few weeks would have been traumatic for myself and family members, almost every time we would leave mum we would be upset not knowing whether we had made the right decision for our active mum, but there was always someone there to pick up the pieces and reassure us she would be fine and kept occupied, she has settled in really well and thinks her new home is lovely and clean with caring staff that look after her. Our family is always made to feel welcome when visiting and staff will help wherever they can.

They were very accommodating to mums hobbies, in particular making homemade pasta which we still do every month so she doesn’t forget her wonderful recipes. Mum is very social now with a great group of new friends.

Thank you to the tireless Staff at Infin8 Care Edmonton Gardens for making the process a lot easier for our family.”

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Rosa Peach, family memberEdmonton Gardens
“My wife has been in Daisy Hill at Cornubia since mid 2020 and I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation for the truly outstanding care she has received.   She and I  lived and worked in several countries before finally settling in Australia and I have stayed in 5 star hotels in a dozen more;  the manner and genuine cheerfulness with which  service at Cornubia is delivered is better than any of them!”
Jim, husbandCornubia
“I live 130 km away, and I haven’t been to visit for a few months… I am so thrilled that I can see Mum’s face, and that she sees mine.

“I live 130 km away, and I haven’t been to visit for a few months… I am so thrilled that I can see Mum’s face, and that she sees mine.

After we video called on Mother’s Day, Mum phoned me to ask – how did we do that?? Does it cost a lot? Who paid for it? I said no it didn’t cost much, and that Infinite Care paid for it. Mum was blown away and loved that she was able to see her granddaughter as well.

I feel that Mum feels a little closer to her loved ones as we talk together, and the vision is an extra excitement.

I very much like the fact that I can see Mum, and see that she is looking well. The smile on her face was very reassuring of her physical and mental wellbeing. I think she is also reassured to see our faces and know that we are healthy and happy too.

I was very surprised, as Mum would never be able to use this technology by herself. And I would definitely love to use this service after social distancing finishes, due to the many kms I live away from Toowoomba.

My heart is very grateful of the efforts and time given of Jaimee and the Mt Lofty team for providing this extra special service, which adds quality of life for my Mum. That is important to me. She must always feel she is not far away from family, or just a “phone call away”.

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Lyn, daughterMt Lofty
“My experience with the video call service was so positive. My mum suffers from dementia, and although slightly confused she had tears of joy and sadness when she saw me.

My experience with the video call service was so positive. My mum suffers from dementia, and although slightly confused she had tears of joy and sadness when she saw me. The extra form of communication was beneficial to both her and myself, as we were able to chat, catch up and I was able to reassure her of things she may have forgotten. I think this extra form of communication would be 100% beneficial continuing on after visitation has been restored as I live far away and I get to see her twice on a weekly basis. This reassures her that she is cared for and loved as well as for me to be with her. Even when mum has a bad day and I ring, I am grateful that I can see her and tell her that I love her.”
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Kaye, daughterMt Lofty
“Working with Infinite Care is a great experience for me. Making residents feel happy and important gives me happiness and satisfaction.

Here, the workplace environment is very fair, motivational and well organised. Management always provides opportunities for employees to learn and grow. All my co-workers are cooperative, friendly and caring to each other. I am very thankful to Infinite Care for making me part of the team.

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Nav Kaur, staff memberCaravonica Waters
“Thank you so much for the opportunity to watch the webinar ‘Navigating Dementia’. I found the webinar very helpful, and Carolyn’s relaxed style easy to follow and understand.

Her explanation of the complexity of the condition was clear and concise, and her manner encouraging.

My partner Richard is a resident at the Hahndorf facility where I am so happy with the attitude of all staff members towards the residents and their relatives. They have managed the difficulties of the recent visitation restrictions so capably, and without any panic. The excellent results are well-deserved.

The restrictions were very, very difficult for Richard as he is profoundly deaf, and I was unable to communicate with him except by letter. I wrote short notes in printed form, enclosed newspaper cuttings I thought were short and clear enough to hold his limited attention span, and included some very good cards which were photographs of zoo animals.

Usual means of communication, particularly by FaceTime etc are meaningless to him, which is a pity. And the phone is also out of the question. Hard as it was for both of us, he seems to have survived the visitation deprivations quite well – another big tick for all staff of course!

Again thank you for the webinar – I am now reading the book which is also informative and helpful, with lots of recognisable events!”

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Cherry Henstridge, partnerHahndorf
“Caravonica Waters was quick to come up with alternatives during the lockdown. The video calls were a great way to keep in contact with your loved ones. The process was easy to use and communication was great throughout.”

Gavin Chan, family memberCaravonica Waters
“I would like to commend Caravonica Waters for implementing the video conferencing service. I have utilised this service to contact my father Pat Whop on a weekly bases since the service was provided.

Dad is unable to set up such technology due to declined dexterity in his hands, so the service has been outstanding to enable him to contact interstate family visually. The visual aid is important for stimulation increasing dads wellbeing on many levels, including culturally. Liam, your Connection Coordinator, has shown outstanding patience and kindness throughout the process and importantly has ensured dad is positioned comfortably during the meetings.

I sincerely hope this service continues as an ongoing method to connect and lift the spirits of residents including my dad Pat Whop.”

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Natalie Sommerville, daughterCaravonica Waters
“My name is Bruce and I am a resident at Christies Beach. I have been here for 4 years. It is a pleasure to be in this comfortable nursing home where everybody is treated the same and we are given excellent care. There is always something to do and many activities to enjoy.”
“My name is Jackie and I am a volunteer at Christies Beach. I have been here over 12 months. I assist with games, quizzes, reminisce, massages and more. It is great being here and to see the pleasure on the residents faces when doing activities. I hope I will be here for a long time to come.”
“I wanted to pass on some feedback on Megan that looks after the residents at your Klemzig respite care facility. My Dad was placed at Infin8 a week ago at short notice.

I wanted to pass on some feedback on Megan that looks after the residents at your Klemzig respite care facility. My Dad was placed at Infin8 a week ago at short notice. The staff there have been great.

In particular Megan has been wonderful with making the time to allow Dad to connect with us and being proactive with arranging FaceTime chats with us in these challenging times, with lack of physical visits with Dad due to COVID-19.

Megan is always positive and cheerful when she assists us with talking to Dad and lets us know that he really enjoys the chats and that it is good for him. The photos and feedback Megan sends about Dad is really appreciated.

Megan displays a passion for what she does and she is certainly very good at it.”

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Kevin AndersonKlemzig
“We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the FaceTime service you have recently set up. We have been speaking to (and seeing!) Mum for a few weeks now and the experience has been excellent for all of us.

I live in Sydney and have only been able to speak to Mum by phone until now. The FaceTime system has meant that we can now see each other and Mum can see her grandsons, son in law and the dog! We also see and talk about things Mum wants to show us and we can book a time to speak that is part of our schedule; and we don’t feel bad asking staff to find Mum when we ring unannounced.

We really hope that this will continue. Mum has been much brighter since this started and we are all loving the greater contact with her. It has also been good to interact with the Klemzig team who deliver this service. Megan has been incredibly helpful and has made us feel a part of the activities with photos of Mum getting involved.

Congratulations on a great initiative!”

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Angela HehirKlemzig
“I want to express my gratitude for the way I was treated during my stay at Churchill Retreat. Not having needed this type of care before, I was not sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. From my initial welcome, and all through my stay, staff have been wonderful and friendly while maintain their professionalism.

My queries and concerns were answered and my needs handled with care, and extreme tact. Nothing was too hard and every task achieved easily.

You have a great team here. Congratulations to one and all for the fantastic work you do, with smiles on your faces.

Again my thanks.”

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Ruth BurrThe Churchill Retreat
“I would like to pass on a very big thank you to Infinite Care from my mum and myself. We will be having our third FaceTime call with Dad tomorrow morning.

Your Connection Coordinator is doing an excellent job and our call with Dad last Sunday for mum on Mother’s Day was the best! Dad clearly responds and relates well to Jaimee and the call was really good. His character, as we know it, shone through and he was really quite surprisingly conversant at times. We can’t wait for tomorrow’s call.

Thank you .”

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Mary BallMt Lofty
“We have seen a lot emphasis lately on our amazing frontline health workers, who deserve our praise and prayers, but we have heard little about those unsung stars working in our nursing homes.

They are working tirelessly, ensuring the health and stability of our most vulnerable citizens in care across the country.

Particularly now, when due to the lockdowns we cannot visit our loved ones, they are stepping up finding ways to keep them healthy, connected and entertained.

So, here is a big shout out to all those nurses and carers who are going the extra mile for their elderly residents, especially the ones looking after my mum in Edge Hill Orchards.”

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Ross ContarinoEdge Hill Orchards
“In August 2019, my 91-year-old mother arrived at Caravonica Waters for a period of four weeks respite. This was her first experience at Caravonica Waters but I had visited the facility previously and had been impressed (and reassured) with both the professional and caring attitudes and philosophy of the staff I encountered at that visit.

Mum had been very sick for the month of July 2019 so I was particularly anxious about this admission. Her health and mobility had declined a lot over that month and I was quite unsure how things would go. I had a couple of previously arranged engagements, one being out of Cairns, however I realized that as I was quite stressed myself and also in need of some ‘respite’, it was important that this admission go ahead.

I was able to stay in Cairns for a couple of days initially to make sure Mum had ‘settled in’ and even in those couple of days, I was reassured at how well she had indeed ‘settled in’. I could see that the staff at Caravonica Waters were already bonding with her and had taken steps to ensure her safety and comfort. A pressure-reducing mattress was provided and was very comfortable and a sensor mat was placed on the floor to alert staff to attend promptly if she attempted to mobilise on her own. So I left Cairns feeling pretty confident all would be well, although as I am sure all other carers know, the underlying anxiety never goes away!!

On my return to Cairns, I was truly amazed at the improvement in my mother’s well-being and mobility. I felt this had a lot to do with my mother’s resilience but I was keenly aware that good care was also needed to monitor and encourage this improvement safely. Mum was still very unsteady on her feet and was requiring a lot of assistance with daily living skills.

I found the rooms to be of a good size and in particular, I was pretty impressed with the layout of the bathroom. There was enough room for the use of assistance aids if required (which although initially needed, were not now) but not that big so the distance between the toilet and the hand basin was manageable for someone like Mum with stability issues.

For the latter part of the respite period, I was back in Cairns so able to visit Mum to assist with some meals, I felt the range of food, and the menu was very good, appreciating the many variants involved in trying to cater in such a big facility with a big range of requirements. The ‘activities’ calendar provided a good variety of opportunities for residents to engage and were mindfully presented.

All the staff that I encountered were very professional and helpful and addressed any day-to-day concerns that I had as quickly as they could. The facility itself is very well presented with a good design of rooms and gardens promoting a peaceful setting.

I would confidently recommend anyone to consider Caravonica Waters for their loved ones requiring either a respite period or permanent residency.”

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DarleneCaravonica Waters
“We cannot thank you enough for all the care you have shown Stewart and ourselves. Our time with you has truly been an extension of our family and we are a little sad to say farewell.

From the very first day we arrived, we have only been met with genuine care and professionalism. You are all certainly the right fit for the job and should be commended for your efforts. It’s been so reassuring to see Stewart content and at ease whenever we visit. We know he has become a familiar figure walking the corridors and it’s been lovely to see every staff member greet him by name. It is obvious you genuinely care for your residents.

We have been cheered to learn of your efforts to engage Stewart in group events and provide individual activities that suit his interest. We know you have made that extra effort to help Stewart settle into the home. We also know he has kept you on your toes and required many eyes to keep him safe. We thank every staff member for their personal service to Stewart. Our deepest gratitude.”

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Christine and MinaKlemzig
“I enjoy living here very much and I am happy to be here.”
Jeanette NobleEdmonton Gardens
“Thank you for arranging this wonderful video service, especially during these Covid trying times, when we cannot see our loved ones in person.

In my case, my mother who barely understands how to turn on the television, has meant that through you we can now connect with her on a regular basis.

You make it so easy and without fuss.

Keep up the great work.

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John, sonCaravonica Waters
“I love being here with my friends.”
Ivy CaoEdmonton Gardens
“Walking into Caravonica Waters, you immediately notice that there is something different about this place… could it be the sparkling chandeliers or the enormous fish tanks? The beautiful prints that line the corridors or the smell of coffee and muffins coming from the café at the front?

I now know what it is. It’s the people there. Cliché? No. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, clean and fresh and the staff are smiling. Not in a freaky ‘gotta be nice today’ way, but genuinely, as if they are sincerely pleased to be there.

When I first went into Caravonica Waters I was a mess. My father had died suddenly and I was immediately responsible for my mother who was not only grieving, but had dementia. I felt so alone and overwhelmed. I organized the funeral, packed her belongings and my 8 year old daughter and I flew her up on a plane to my house here in Cairns. It really was a living nightmare. Mum didn’t want to be here, she just wanted to go home and she couldn’t understand what was happening around her.

After a few weeks of watching Mum  on an emotional rollercoaster ranging from raging at me to bawling uncontrollably, listening to her prowl around the house at night opening and shutting cupboards and muttering to herself, physically having to restrain her from getting in her car to drive home and having my husband and daughter hiding in their rooms to avoid her, I realized I had to do something.

In my mind, aged care was synonymous with being locked in, being locked up, having your freedoms taken away, losing your sense of peace and individuality and being surrounded by exhausted and frustrated care workers. I walked into Caravonica Waters and was shown the greatest kindness,  warmth and understanding from the lady there, that I promptly burst into tears. An hour later, I was still there crying on her shoulder, whilst she reassured me that I was not alone. And I haven’t been alone since.

Caravonica Waters is not simply a new, fresh, clean place for the aged. It has heart and compassion. There is a sign there which says “The residents don’t live in our workplace, we work in their home” and this is reflected in the staff who work there, in their gentle smiles and friendly welcomes, in their respect and deference to the residents and visitors.

My Mum calls it her Hotel and has redecorated her room to her own taste, everything from the outdoor setting on her private patio to her cosy armchair with cushions. My family loves visiting there. There’s multiple outdoor areas where we chillax and we can even bring our puppy to visit. My daughter insists that she will stay there when she is older, loving the chandeliers, the sewing room, the games, books and puzzles in all the ‘play’ rooms. She’s still looking for the ‘massage room’ (there’s not one, although there is a hairdressing salon there!).

All I can say is thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. My Mum loves her ‘Hotel’ and has settled in incredibly well. Thank you again.”

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Sharon AdamsCaravonica Waters
“It’s like living in a resort and it feels like my family at night because everyone says goodnight to each other.”
Claire MorrisonEdmonton Gardens
“Across the spectrum of employees at Infinite Care, Mum has always been treated with respect, thoughtful and courteous care. The friendly and professional attitude of all employees at Caravonica Waters has made our experience and interactions easy, and reassured us that Mum will be well cared for in our absence.

The quality of care is matched by the attention to detail that has created a modern and comfortable living space. The rooms are tastefully decorated, spacious and always clean. Most rooms have easy access to lovely tropical gardens. Some form of entertainment, exercise , activity or games is available on a regular  basis  as is reflected in the monthly program. There is a reasonable variety and quantity of food to suit most tastes. Food is freshly prepared on site. A visiting Hairdresser is a bonus for residents as is the convenience of having an on-site Café that is open to the public.

Mum has enjoyed her time in Caravonica Waters. She is always pleased to take a holiday with the happy and caring people she meets there. She comes home after respite care, full of stories and happy encounters. We are confident that when Mum enters into care at Caravonica Waters, she will be in a safe and caring environment where her individual needs are addressed. We have always found the staff to be easy to deal with and they take an active interest in Mum from the time she enters the building until we pick her up.”

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Sharren WongCaravonica Waters
“My Mum has been in Edge Hill Orchards for about a month now and I can’t believe the change in her demeanour.  She has really come alive.  I don’t know if it is the lovely surroundings, the pleasant and caring staff, or the great food, but she seems a different person.  I love the fact that we can pay a small amount and join her for meals and she really appreciates our company at meal times.  I really can’t find anything to fault with the service we are getting from Infinite Care and couldn’t recommend it higher.
Ross ContarinoEdge Hill Orchards
“I am very happy living here at Klemzig I have made many friends and enjoy chatting with them daily. I came to Klemzig for respite care with all intention to return home, but everyone here is so nice and I decided to make it my home.”
Patricia HehirKlemzig Residential Care
“I love watching the reaction from the residents when the staff greet them all by their first name and know exactly what tea, coffee and dietary requirements each of them has. I really love coming to work and being part of the residents lives, it is an absolute honour! I’m also so proud to be part of Infinite and know I am able to make a difference to the people who live here or are here for respite.”
Shelley Beaumont, Head ChefEdge Hill Orchards
“I wanted to join aged care to make a difference due to my mother’s bad experience in a NSW Aged Care home prior to her passing. On an extended trip around Australia, we stopped in Cairns as part of our trip and immediately fell in love with the climate, people, culture and environment here and made it our home.

Whilst deciding what work I could do, one of the first companies I found that aligned with my values and beliefs was Infinite Care. The first impression of the beautiful facilities and progressive management style was memorable, and thanks to my Facility Manager, now I enjoy the best job I have ever had.”

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Peter LeesEdge Hill Orchards
“I have been living at Klemzig for three years and enjoy it very much. All the staff are very helpful and I have made some very nice friends. I love to be involved in all activities. Some of my favourites are playing bingo, attending exercises, coming to concerts and going out every Thursday to the beach or other places. I like sitting with my friends in the afternoon and chatting and having fun together.

My Greek culture is very important to me and I like when it’s happy hour and the lifestyle team put the Zorba music on and dance. It makes me so happy as it brings back a lot of memories. I like to tell them they did good! I also enjoy when Father Nick from the Greek Orthodox church comes and visits all the Greeks every month for a prayer and so we can receive the communion. It’s great to know the home supports all our religious goals. The last thing I would like to say is, I really like my room and I feel very happy here, it’s like we are all one big happy family.”

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Anna MouhalousKlemzig
“Amazing wonderful caring people. My loving husband passed away after 3 very hard years recently and I cannot tell you the love that surrounded me and my family. This will stay with me. I have no hesitation in saying 100% top care. Thank you to all to the wonderful carers.”
Margaret GriffithsChristies Beach
“Infinite Care Cornubia is a wonderful home to have your loved one cared for, as I did for my hubby. He was in respite and is going back later in the year for 3 weeks again. I can’t speak highly enough of the care and staff, as the quality of service and surroundings is five star.”
Carol StentInfinite Care Cornubia
” What a wonderful aged care home. Wide hallways opening onto comfortable lounge areas, large airy rooms, great food, fantastic staff. My Mum could not be happier.”
Diane PiwinskiInfinite Care Cornubia
“We couldn’t be happier with the care and attention Mum is receiving from the amazing staff at Cornubia! The meals are incredible and beautifully presented. We only live a 4-minute drive away and are so grateful we got Mum into this facility…and her being their first resident no less. A big huge thank you to everyone involved.”
Greer and HillaryInfinite Care Cornubia
“My wife and I live as residents at Edmonton Gardens. This place is first class in every way. You could not get anything better anywhere you were to look.”
Vincent and Denis McCarthyEdmonton Gardens
“I’m very happy here at Klemzig and I enjoy when my partner June visits me. She is also a volunteer and helps the lifestyle team. When the weather is nice she takes me outside for walk in my wheelchair. I really love spending time in the outdoors.

My favourite activities are playing cards, bingo and attending concerts. On Thursdays I like going for a scenic drive. Sonny the driver will often drive through the Norwood area which brings back a lot of happy childhood memories for me.

I feel very comfortable living here at Klemzig. My mother, Alice, lived here many years ago and I would visit her often. After she passed away they named Alice Wing after her. I feel very honoured and like to look at the picture of her by the nurses station in Alice Wing. I like when the staff talk to me about my mum, it makes me feel very proud.”

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Max SeagrimInfinite Care Klemzig
“I know that my Mum is being well cared for. She loves to share stories about her life and her family and thanks to Tony and all the staff at Mount Lofty for listening to her and meeting her needs so well”.
LynetteInfinite Care Mount Lofty
“Thanks to Tony and the staff at Mount Lofty. You take such great care of my Mum and she loves her new home.”
BruceInfinite Care Mount Lofty
“I like coming to activities and my favourites are bingo and playing cards. I use to enjoy the beach drives. Driving haven’t been agreeing with me these days, but I do miss them.

I like to sit in the dining room in the afternoon after activities are finished and chat to the boys. We have lots fun and it makes my day enjoyable.

I’m happy at Klemzig and I’ve made lots of friends. All the staff treat me very well.

Overall I’m very happy here and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else if I’m unable to live at home.”

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LeoKlemzig Residential Care
“For starters, I cannot thank you enough for firstly welcoming us with open arms and making my family feel comfortable from the start, and secondly for taking Dad in. As you can imagine, placing your loved one in a nursing home is never easy.

Now I would like to thank your wonderful staff, from the nurses, kitchen staff, cleaners, laundry staff and the beautiful loving carers who just looked after dad so well right from the start, until the end of his journey. They always made him smile, and made my family feel at ease when we had to leave.

I’m sure Dad also made them laugh at times with his cheeky ways, and kept them on their toes!

The support from your whole team is to be commended and I hope you pass this onto them, some of your staff I got quite friendly with and will miss their smiley faces.

Dad was laid to rest yesterday. We celebrated  his life and I’m sure he would have been very chuffed with his service.

I thank you again and appreciate everything all staff did for my Dad.”

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Janice BynoeChurchill Retreat
“I am very happy at Klemzig. Everybody is so friendly and kind to me and I’ve made some very special friends. I love being around people but also really love my room and enjoy spending time in there when I want some quiet time. I love looking outside my window at the beautiful garden and watching all the staff arrive or leave to go home. If they see me looking their way they say hello to me.”
Gloria ConnollyKlemzig
“I provided an hour’s entertainment recently at your Klemzig facility. A warm spirit between residents and Lifestyle staff was immediately evident and I was impressed with the high level of care provided during my visit. I visit dozens of aged care facilities in the Adelaide metro area each year and, sadly, not all are up this high standard. Well done to Pat and her assistants. They’re doing a great job.”
Brian, EntertainerKlemzig
“We take this opportunity to thank all the nursing staff, carers, kitchen staff, laundry and and everyone connected with caring for Dad and keeping him safe and happy. We know what it takes to keep our loved ones safe and respected.

A big thank you to Pat from lifestyle, who must work relentlessly throughout the year to try and keep the residents happy and busy. She does such a marvelous job bringing all the entertainment into the home.

Last but not least, a great big thank you to all the carers, who work relentlessly to keep Dad’s personal hygiene up to our expectations, and always work with us when we have a request. We appreciate very much what you all do.”

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Lee & NicoleKlemzig
“I am very happy at Klemzig. I enjoy spending time in my room watching old movies on my laptop like ‘Dad’s Army’ and keeping updated with my banking so I regularly go online to do so.

I love it when my wife Claire comes to visit. On nice days we go outside together to sit in the sunshine. I also enjoy many of the lifestyle activities, like music and movement, concerts and the beach drives. I also enjoy a chat with the staff and other residents.

I miss tinkering around in my old workshop but I’m happy at Klemzig and have a great relationship with the staff.”

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“I was so happy that Infinite Care offered me a job after my placement. I love aged care and I really like my work. The residents are so special and I like to listen to them. It is a very rewarding job where every day is different. Maybe one day I will do nursing studies, but right now I’m so happy as a Carer. ”
ArayaInfinite Care, Klemzig
“My Dad loves all the outings at Kelmzig and he really enjoys the quiz shows. He has made a lot of good friends and the staff are just marvellous.”
“I love being here at Hahndorf and being with my friends. I wouldn’t change it.”
“I started working at Klemzig in 1985 and have seen many changes in that time. I love working here and I still see many of my friends from when I first started.”
LindeeInfinite Care
“We would like to start by firstly thanking Pat, Kat, the residents and Infinite Care for not only an excellent opportunity but an unforgettable experience. We’ve enjoyed the welcoming community and the positive environment created by the staff and residents at Klemzig.

The activities were really fun to partake and help in. We also learnt a lot from this experience by engaging and listening to the resident’s stories. This gave us an insight into their journey and their lives. This experience has ultimately been very rewarding, as helping the less fortunate gave us great happiness. We would once again like to thank Pat and the team for an incredible learning experience.”

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Luca, Udayvir, Adam and LukeRostrevor College students
“Our Father was in the final stages of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and we were in search of a suitable facility that could provide him with the level of care and resources that he required to make his final stage of life bearable, and allow him to experience the dignity and respect that he deserved.

We also wanted a facility that could provide our Father with qualified and trained nursing staff, access to an on call Medical Practitioner 24hrs a day, open daily communication in regards to the progression of his health and any other concerns, staff that would treat our Father with kindness, compassion, dignity and respect at all times and a warm friendly home-like environment that welcomed our Family at any time of the day or night. The medical care he received at Churchill Retreat by the nursing staff and Doctors was exceptional. All staff were very compassionate towards our Family during my Fathers stay and also after his death. Our Family would like to express our utmost appreciation to all staff at the Churchill Retreat that ensured our Fathers last days were spent in a peaceful and loving environment.”

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“My Dad became a resident at Klemzig in September last year and while it took him a while to settle in, he now loves it. He goes on bus trips, gets his hair cut and he has made some good friends as well. The food is good and he has gained weight since being there. I have not seen him this good in a few years. The staff are lovely, friendly people and they always make visitors feel welcome. Most of all he hasn’t had to worry about anything as it is all done for him. It’s brought such peace of mind for the family.”
“I remember over a year ago now, walking into the Infinite Aged Care Churchill Retreat facility. We were shown around by a person who obviously cared about the place and the people and was enthusiastic about the future plans for the facility.

Walking in there had the same feeling as when you walk into an “open for inspection” viewing of a house and just know that the house belongs to you. You have to have it, you have to be there! This is what happened to us when my partner & I were searching for the “right” place for my chronically ill father and for my mother who could no longer live alone in her own home. I knew instantly this was going to be their new home. And what an incredible “find” it has been! Unfortunately my Father passed after 12 days in the care of the most wonderful caring nursing and other aged care staff. They couldn’t have done any more to make my fathers last days more comfortable. I will never forget the support shown to me and my family by the staff they were so kind and caring. Mum has been there for over a year now and I haven’t seen her smile and laugh so much in a long time. She has made some wonderful friends. Mum participates in, and loves the daily activities organised by the staff. We actually plan our visiting times around the activities because she wants so much to be involved in them! The every day worry about how Mum was coping in her own home has gone. Our family has seen first hand how much the Churchill Retreat truly cares for people.”

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SueChurchill Retreat
“My mother is receiving the most superior care from all your wonderful staff. She speaks very highly of all staff members, and the incredible meals. She is very happy at Edge Hill Orchards, which is very reassuring, as I live in Brisbane.”
Anita, daughterEdge Hill Orchards
“Your thoughtful management of my regular video conversations with my sister Dorothy Pollard is much appreciated.

I would like to thank Infinite Care for providing this essential service.

During the Covid19 period and ongoing, as it is so important for our extended family to keep in touch on a regular basis.

It helps Dorothy’s well being and sustains a sense of being linked to her family.”

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Pauline Pollard, sisterCaravonica Waters
“We were very impressed with how Rose Court felt when we were walking through. (The) interaction with the residents on a name basis and knowing their current situation along with what activities they love doing on a daily bases has definitely made us feel that this place would suit our Mum.”
Maureen, daughterRose Court
“I love being here, it’s my home.”
Denise McCarthyEdmonton Gardens


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