Adelaide Aged Care Facilities

Our residential aged care facilities in Adelaide South Australia offer both beachside or CBD settings that promote a sense of relaxation and cultural diversity. Residents can enjoy well-appointed living spaces surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, providing a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation. Our Adelaide aged care facilities boast modern amenities and compassionate staff, ensuring that residents receive the highest standard of care in a supportive community. Our individualised care also means we can tailor both our activities and wellness programmes to ensure a fulfilling lifestyle for you or your loved ones.

Christies Beach SA

Christies Beach SA

Christies Beach Residential Care Services is a 98-bed high care facility located in the enviable seaside suburb of Christies Beach. Offering sea views as far as the eye can see, fresh ocean breezes and breathtaking daily sunsets, this idyllic backdrop provides a calming and peaceful enclave in which to reside.

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Churchill Aged Care SA

Churchill Retreat SA

The Churchill Retreat, located close to the Adelaide CBD in Kilburn, is a 54-bed facility boasting comfortable sunlit rooms and inviting internal courtyards. Well regarded for its home-like feel and secure dementia unit, the facility is also known for its close links to the community and encouragement of ongoing cultural activities and diversity for residents.

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Hahndorf SA

Hahndorf SA

Hahndorf Residential Care Service is a 98-bed care facility set on 3.5 acres of beautiful rolling countryside in a central and convenient location. Hahndorf provides an idyllic background to meet the needs of you or any member of your family. Offering tranquil gardens and courtyards to spend time with loved ones, and a new café area with views to be enjoyed, Hahndorf has options to suit most residential needs.

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Klemzig Aged Care SA

Klemzig SA

Klemzig Residential Care Services is an 87-bed care facility offering a homely environment, sunlit rooms, landscaped courtyards and a barbeque area for when family visit. Klemzig is tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac and is located only a short distance from local shops, health services and the Adelaide CBD. Klemzig is known for its cultural diversity and ongoing engagement with the local community.

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Rose Court SA

Rose Court SA

Rose Court Aged Care Facility is a 54-bed facility located in Gilles Plains, within close proximity to the Adelaide CBD. Recent refurbishments include a newly created ‘Street of Life’ design concept that is evident as soon as you enter the welcoming reception area. Included in this concept are beautifully renovated sunlit common areas, a new consulting room and a fully equipped hairdressing salon.

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Our Adelaide SA Aged Care Facilities

We know how important it is to design a home for seniors that is more than simply a place for them to live; it’s about giving them a sanctuary where they can age with dignity, surrounded by kind staff and a welcoming community. Discover the essence of our South Australia residential aged care facilities designed to meet the unique requirements of your health, lifestyle and needs.

Individualised Care

In South Australia, residential aged care plays a crucial role in supporting the ageing population, providing a spectrum of services to enhance the quality of life for seniors. As of recent statistics, a substantial portion of South Australia’s elderly population receives care in residential aged care facilities, reflecting the growing demand for specialised support. In 2022 over 15,568 people in South Australia aged 65 and over entered permanent residential care, providing several opportunities for facilities like ours to cater for their needs. Our facilities in Christies Beach, Kilburn, Hahndorf, Klemzig and Gilles Plains all contribute to the wellbeing, lifestyles and communities of seniors in these regions. The dedicated staff in South Australian aged care facilities work tirelessly to meet the health and well-being requirements of residents, emphasising personalised care and fostering a sense of community. Infinite Care provides both accessible and quality aged care services in Adelaide South Australia, aligning with the state’s commitment to providing dignified and compassionate care for its elderly residents.

For more information on residential aged care statistics visit the Australian Government’s Aged Care Data.

Features of our nursing homes in Adelaide

Comfortable Living Spaces

The comfort and safety of our residents are our top priorities, and our facilities feature cosy and well-designed living areas. Every room is designed to offer seclusion and individualization, enabling residents to create a setting that feels like home.

Professional Healthcare

Our commitment to the well-being of residents extends to providing quality healthcare services. We have dedicated healthcare professionals on-site to address medical needs promptly and efficiently. Regular health assessments, medication management, and access to allied health services contribute to the comprehensive care residents receive.
Sense of Community

Our residential aged care facilities are known for their strong sense of community. We are aware of how crucial social connections are for maintaining fulfilling lives. Residents have the opportunity to build friendships through shared activities, events, and communal spaces.

Engaging Activities

Our weeks feature an array of activities tailored to meet your physical and emotional requirements, such as exercise, art therapy, crafts, woodworking, movie evenings with a theme, dress-up days, musicians, pet therapy, and visits from neighbourhood playgroups and schools.

Are Our Adelaide Aged Care Facilities Right For You?

Determining whether a residential aged care facility is the right fit for you involves a thoughtful consideration of various factors.

Assess the facility’s atmosphere and environment to ensure it aligns with your personal preferences and comfort.
Consider the range of services offered, ensuring they meet your specific needs, from healthcare provisions to recreational activities.
Take time to engage with current residents and gauge the sense of community within the facility, as social connections can significantly impact your well-being.

It’s also important to consider the location and proximity to family and friends, as maintaining connections is crucial.

Thoroughly evaluating these aspects will empower you to make an informed decision about whether a residential aged care facility is the right fit for your unique needs and lifestyle. Alternatively you can contact us today to find out more!

Explore the warmth and care that defines our Adelaide residential aged care facilities. We invite you to visit and experience firsthand the compassion, comfort, and community that make our facilities a cherished home for seniors. At each location, we strive to create an environment where residents can embrace the next chapter of their lives with dignity, joy, and the assurance of compassionate care.