Connecting through food

The food experience needs to nourish your body AND soul! 

Meal times should be something that delights you, a special experience that’s a feast for all the senses. Which is why our kitchen teams are led by qualified Chefs who design our seasonal menus based on collaboration with residents and good old fashioned home-style cooking.

Meal time connections

It’s also a chance to connect with your neighbours, friends… and family. Your loved ones are always welcome to join you for meals if they wish to!

Fresh ingredients and seasonal inspiration

We use locally sourced, fresh ingredients and our menus are reviewed by a qualified Dietician to ensure they are both nutritional and well balanced. Add to the mix some creativity, and meal times become the special experience we all look forward to.

All preferences and tastes are catered to including gluten free, soft and vitamised diets, vegetarian and everything in between.