Connecting through fun

Getting older means you’ve put in the hard yards and have earnt the right to relax, be taken care of… and to have some fun!

Connecting through times of laughter and fun are vital in order to feel at home, and to help make new friendships with other residents, or staff.

We have your interests covered

Whatever you enjoy doing, or see as having fun, we probably have it on our calendar, or can introduce it for you. Our weeks include a whole host of activities that are designed to balance all your physical and emotional needs – exercise, art therapy, craft activities, woodwork, themed movie nights, dress-up days, musicians, pet therapy and visits from local schools and playgroups.

We respect your choices

Your wellbeing is our priority and we do what we can to ensure you feel welcome and included in everything we do. We also respect the fact that some days you might just want some quiet time in your room or in the garden.

And tailor your days to suit you

No two people are alike, so in line with our person-centric model of care, we also tailor wellbeing and lifestyle programs to your individual needs. We work with you to find out what you love, and what you need. This maintains and extends your capacity for social interaction, health and independence.