Connecting through spaces

People make a home, but so do the spaces within the home.

The places you go to feel peaceful, or to watch a favourite show, play a game, have a quiet cuppa with a friend – or connect with your visiting family and friends. The more comfortable you feel, the more at home you will be. That is important to us.

Places to relax and connect

All our homes include multiple common spaces where you can relax, or entertain your visitors, in a comfortable, clean and tastefully furnished setting. Our gardens are well maintained and picturesque, and our BBQ areas are clean and ready for use.

A private place for family connections

Our private dining rooms are ideal for families to connect and enjoy each other’s company away from neighbours. It will feel just like home times, and our kitchen team are happy to help you design a menu reminiscent of what your family are used to enjoying together.

A space that is all your own

We know how important your bedroom space is. It’s a place to escape and enjoy your own private and cosy place. We encourage you to personalise the space with soft furnishings, photos and trinkets. You can even bring your favourite chair – we know how important that is to you!