Connecting through technology

We are fortunate to live in times where the wonders of technology are literally at our fingertips.

Possibilities for connecting with our loved ones, and the world at large, are seemingly endless.

Finding the best ways to keep you connected

As a company we are always evolving and looking at ways we can incorporate technology into our homes to benefit residents. We find ways to help you learn how to utilise technology yourselves too. The more you can learn, the more independent you will feel!

Discover the convenience of video calls

We also offer a convenient online booking system so you and your family can find a mutually convenient time to video or voice call. Use of this technology, in all our homes, was recently introduced in response to limited visitation during the pandemic – and it was so popular with families that it will be available on an ongoing basis. This technology has enthralled residents who are able to virtually ‘go into’ their loved one’s homes and connect with them in a fun and informal way, where no one is in a hurry!

Or use our online messenger service

Through our website we also provide a messaging service where families and friends can send an email and attach photos to be printed out and handed to you to read and look at.

Tour our homes from the comfort of yours

We offer virtual tours of our homes so you can explore our living options without having to leave the comfort of home.